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We Find Fix and mitigate all your security risks


e help clients to protect their data from hackers on the outside and curious employees on the inside of your business and most importantly we assist you to ensure that you are fully GDPR compliant in case this best practice and its values have not been fully implemented in your organisation.

Security Experts

Several our staff have over 20 years of experience working in the IT security sector. No matter the size of the project, we can handle it.

Tried and tested
security methods

There are plenty of online tools for checking the security of a company’s network, but nothing replaces the actual art of deep ethical hacking experience that our team executes.

ISO27001 & ISO9001
certified company

There’s no point in enforcing IT security policies and due diligence practice on our clients if we don’t practice them ourselves. We remain compliant and relevant by we continuing to assess ourselves regularly.

Clear English Consultancy

IT security is filled with complicated term such as pharming, SQL injection, DDoS and XSS scripting to name but a few. Our aim is to communicate clearly in plain english to ensure clients are able to make the correct strategic decisions.

Clear pricing model

Our security services are easy to understand, and we provide a cost-effective security due diligence service which results in a business security risk assessment report and strategy moving forward.

Pre-audit consultancy

Are you sure your organisation is ready for PCI DSS, ISO27001 or Cyber Essentials certification? We can help with ensuring that your company is best placed to take advantage of the compliance standards for your organisation.


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How it works


The first steps are the most critical regarding any client engagement. After signing an NDA with clients, we then proceed with understanding the client’s risk appetite and scope of the organisation to be security checked.

Security Scan and Testing

Once our security team consisting of ex-blackhats and seasoned security professionals complete the security assessment of your network you can be assured that your business will be in the best position to secure its operation and reduce its risk exposure.


Security risks are appearing every day and our security consultancy division aim to provide a proactive approach to security risk management. Our security team keeps on top of any new hacking exploits and viruses to ensure that you don’t have to, to allow you to on focus on running and building your business.